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My dream:
I was traveling with others as I held a live baby cradled in my arms, I don't know whose it was or where it came from. It had a blanket. I missed several things that happened because I found myself on foot in a parking lot and saw a blanket that was lying at the entry of this parking lot. As I noticed that something was in the blanket, I couldn't believe that the baby was still there. I thought and felt that it was still alive even though it must have somehow fallen out of a vehicle. What I didn't know for sure though, was what the baby's condition was and as I began carefully unbundling this baby, I woke up. I didn't get a chance to see the baby, I felt it though. There were no signs of blood and/or injury.

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Hi Eva A. Lang,

This dream may have the following meanings:

It indicates you could get some harvest in waking life.

You may have a good luck in wealth recently.

You may be troubled by the past things and your mood will be change greatly. So, you'd better have a good rest to adjust.

You will be rewarded and get something important to you in the near future.

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