pls have been married to a man born on 6,10,1976 and I was born on 3,71984 can we cope for long?because we don't understand each other at all

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Hi Grace,

You are wood rat and he is fire dragon. In fact, from the perspective of zodiac compatibility, you are very compatible. Also, wood generates fire and makes Fire burn which means you could make him do well in career and other aspects.

You don't understand each other may be caused by your age gap. As he is 8 years older than you, you may couldn't understand his behavior and habits and he doesn't like your ways of living. If you want to cope for long, you need to find out your problems and communicate with each other in heart and solve it.
please can you help me find out what this year have in store for me?March 7 /1984.
Hi helen,

Check what have this year in store for you here:

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