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Our bathroom is at east side center of the house, my front door is facing south. What designs or primary color should I have in our bathroom. Thank you

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The dark color shall be avoided in the bathroom decoration since the bathroom is a place full of Yin and lacking of Yang. Therefore, the bathroom wall shall not use the tiles in grey, black and blue but the tiles in red, orange or yellow.

On this basis, you can choose your lucky color as per zodiac sign. You can learn your zodiac sign on

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our living room is at front left of the house what color should I paint the wall ? The front door is at the center of the house and it is facing south.
And our master bedroom is at back right corner of our house ( north east) What color should I paint that wall?
And in that master bedroom the 3 walls has big windows but the one that just a wall with no window which I am planning to put the headboard of our bed is next to a full bathroom. If I put the bed to the wall that has no window and that means we will be facing north laying down which I guess is good but behind the headboard is bathroom! What shall I dooo help... please and thank you.

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