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I would like to know the auspicious and inauspicious stars present on my birth day: solar day 5 th June 1955 = lunar day 15 th April 1955.

Thank you

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Hi Gsna,

Auspicious stars in 2017 for you include: Tiantai (三台), Huagai(华盖), Tangfu(唐符).
The three stars are all auspicious ones for your career. For example:
Tiantai Star indicates you will be in the important location in work and be trusted with important mission.
Tangfu Star indicates your ability and leadership could be shown well and be recognized by others.

Inauspicious stars for you this year include: Yangren (羊刃), Tiangou (天狗) and Diaoke (吊客). They are not good for your family and health. Tiangou Star indicates bloody disaster. Diaoke indicates funeral in family and Yangren stands for blood and surgery.
Hello Ling Ling
Thanks for the information about the stars for this year which would give me some guidance about my fate for this year. However i would really like to obtain , if this is possible , the stars for the day that I was born: Lunar day 15th April 1955. I am beset by some recurrent problems which I would to know if they are due to the stars of the year of my birth. Thank you in advance.

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