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I am born in indonesia
After browsing and looking into your bazi websites i am being aware that fire is my lucky elements since i am born
05 april 1981(一九八一年 三月初一) on 6am56 indonesia time.(gmt+7)
To be better person in luck and love
Which name is a better name
Since i read in some websites rooster name have to include grass mountains grains words such as (山 林) or even fires sun light(雷 日)
As my given name when born is

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Hi Andri hidayat,

Are you male? 榕 is usually used in female's name.

I check your Bazi and found there are two metal, three water, 0 wood, 0 fire and three earth elements for you.
So, wood and fire are elements you lack. And these are your lucky elements. If you could have fire and wood in
your name, that's better.

I think 许炎彬 is a good Chinese name for you.

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