chinese astrology for 2016 for the Dragon born in 1952 and 1988


What is the forecast for Dragon born in 1952 and 1988 in 2016?

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Hi sung,

The fortune for the Dragon people born in 1952 and 1988 are both average in 2016 year of the Monkey.
For the Dragon people born in 1952, you should control your mood and try to maintain the joyful mood. In spare time, you are suggested to find some hobbies or interests which enthuse you. This could help you to think less about the things you worried. Your children could enjoy a harmonious family life and have a bright future. However, during the year, you are easy to have some ideas impulsively and your bad temple may affect the relationship with your partner. So, you are suggested to care more about your partner and often take a walk together to relax. In wealth, you fortune will be nice. If there is some investment chances, you can have a try but avoid to be cheated.

For the Dragon people born in 1988, you will have a lot of pressure from work in 2016. You may find it’s hard for you to display your talent fully and even hard to make a breakthrough. There will be unfair treatment for you in work. But you are advised to make concessions in order to gain advantages. Financially, the year will not favor you too much. Sometimes, your expenses will not correspond to your income. If you are in love and not married, you may get married in the year. If you have married and not have children, to have a baby in the year could bring more joy and luck to your family.

My apologize if the prediction is not right. Just for your reference.
Hi Jacky Chen,
Thank you for responding so quickly to my question. I appreciated your forecast. I thought next year was going to be a good year since the Monkey is suppose to be a friend of the Dragon.
Thank you,
I thought next year is good for me(born 1988)2015 is a very hard year for me,but still 2016 is not a good year for very disappointed...

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