Asked by B***e | 9/10/2016 4:43:26 PM

I am considering changing careers to something entirely different. Should I change and to what field of endeavour?

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J*** 9/12/2016 1:34:00 PM

Hi Bonnie,

Could you let me know your date of birth first?

B***e 9/12/2016 1:42:38 PM

June 25, 1954

H***s 9/13/2016 1:21:26 AM

Hi Bonnie,

2016 and 2017 are both not good years for you to change the job. Think twice before you do if you have any intention to change the job as it may turns to be unsatisfactory after changing. Also the duties and salary of the new career may inferior to the current one due to many unforeseen circumstances in the years.

In fact, these two years especially favor those Horses who usually go outing. So, if you have chances to go out for business or stay abroad for work, try your best to grasp the opportunity.

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