can you predict my future and love life


Born 9/28/97 2:00am

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In which place were you born?

You want to know your future in which aspect?
in love and in Mexico

According to your Bazi which records of one's horoscope, you may get married early which is no more than 25 years old. Your boyfriend has a different background of life with you and usually hard to understand you in real. So, you need to communicate more with each other to let him know your thought. If so, there will be no big problem for your relationship.

You usually give him a good impression at the beginning but you are not easy to be satisfied with what you own, so with time passes by, you are easy to have conflicts. If you really love him, you need to change your character to some extent. You can tell me his DOB, I'll help you check if you are compatible.
I'm not and don't girlfriend my I met the future and we be rich in the future

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