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Hello,I am confused why there is a lot of differences in the gender charts available across many sites online and also the baby gender dates that is displayed on your website to have a baby of the gender that we desire. If the dates shown based on my DOB for having a boy baby are put in the baby gender predictor, it shows that the baby will be a girl? But the dates are given by the same site to conceive a buy. Kindly clarify.
And I would like to have a baby date of birth is 1989 August 22 in english date.and get to concieve in this year 2019. Kindly suggest me

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Hi Bishnu,

In rest of 2019, you will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following period:
Dec 26 - Dec 31 (you are 31 lunar years old, the 12th Chinese lunar month)

There is only one Chinese Gender Chart. If you see different one, it's a wrong version or a wrong translation.

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