“Breaking ground” in the NW corner


My driveway lies in the north west direction and it is currently broken up crazy paving, very unattractive and not easy to walk on. I want to relay the driveway but saw I shouldn’t break ground in the NW corner this year. What should I do?! (Thanks!)

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If you must break ground in the Tai Sui direction, you can put some clean water in the Tai Sui direction and change it regularly. If it feels too cumbersome, you can also put a pot of green plants, such as pothos, lucky bamboo, etc. Green plants with good meanings will bring all kinds of vitality to the Tai Sui position, indicating that the family's Feng Shui fortune will improve.

When breaking ground in the Tai Sui direction, it needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible to ensure that the Tai Sui area is clean and tidy, and to avoid excessive accumulation of debris and garbage. For example, if decoration materials accumulate too much debris in the Tai Sui area, it will prevent the flow of Qi in the family, leading to the development of personal fortune getting worse and worse. In addition, you can also choose to place gourds, unicorns and other mythical animals to suppress evil spirits and eliminate disasters, and bring good luck. You can also add some green plants appropriately to purify the air. For example, monstera, fortune tree, lucky bamboo, pothos, etc. are all very good.

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