Best muhrat for c section baby delivery after 15th march 2017 till 4th april


My date of birth is 12th 0ct 82.
Dr. Says i can expect by the month end of march 2017 wanted to know the best day and time for c section delivery.

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March 25 and 27 or April 2 will be the suitable days, and neither of them clash your animal sign of Dog. You can choose any of the day you find suitable. Following are the auspicious time based on Beijing Time. Please convert to your local time zone.

March 25: 01:00-02:59;07:00-08:59;11:00-12:59;19:00-20:59;21:00-22:59
March 27: 03:00-04:59;05:00-06:59;09:00-10:59;15:00-16:59;19:00-20:59;21:00-22:59
April 2: 03:00-04:59;05:00-06:59;09:00-10:59;15:00-16:59;19:00-20:59;21:00-22:59

Good luck.

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