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My new bedroom has many windows. There is only a single wall with no windows or closet doors. The wall shares a bathroom wall. The wall is north by northwest. The opposite wall has windows, the side wall has windows. What do you suggest?

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Hi Shawn,

I think you'd better make your closet in the north and make your bed in the north-west location. The headboard should not lean against the wall of bathroom. It will harm your health if you do like that.
My kua number is 7 (west group), and I am born in autumn season. My bedroom East has window, South has stove underneath, North has closet door, West is bedroom door.

Where should my headboard be placed (which direction should my feet point to).


North | |
| | South
closet \ |
| |-----------|
washroom \ |
|__\_| West
North... | ...............|
.........|............... | South
closet.. \............... |
.........| ...|-----------|
washroom \... |
.........|__\_| West
Hi Alfred,

West is auspicious to you. Could you make your headboard be placed in the west direction and make your feet point to east?
Thanks Mike, I was thinking west too.

There is 3 options, but how the priority of pros vs cons in feng shui is not something i'm familiar with.

Option 1: head board on east (window side)
- commanding position of entrance, diagonal and furthest away from doors
- not above fridge
- head board overlaps window still by 6 inches
-not commanding position of window

Option 2: head board on south
- commanding position of window and entrance
- easily enter both sides of the bed
- directly above stove
- partially align with closet door

Option 3: head board on west
- commanding position of window
- not above stove
- west side for kua group
-Closet door crosses bed (does that matter?)
-no commanding position of entrance
My headboard is against the window wall (blocking air and it all feels stuffy) on the north and my feet are facing the bedroom door south, with a mirror on it. The bedroom door is east. Which way is best for health, love, success, sex, money intimacy?

I'd like to open up that window area to get breeze and have headboard on west, feet facing east and bedroom door. Is that ok? and against the wall?
Hi shebaroman,

Headboard should not be against the window wall. If you could see yourself from the mirror when stay on the bed, it's not good. Also, it's not good if you could see the bedroom door directly from the bed.
myself & my wife were born in the months between September & December. our present bed is facing the toilet door which is East & headboard is West,leaning to a wall. right & left side of the bed have Windows & air conditioning blower is at the top of the right hand side window & closets on left side & bedroom entrance door on our left which the door is facing West & East. Apparently, we don't feel things are getting into our way, what is the best positioning of our bed can you advise. when is the best time & date if changes of bed positioning have to make. Tq.
Im westgroup #7. Born in inter periode.
My bedroom is in the Southwest area of my house.
The only way to olace my bed is to put the headboard against the west side wall... (On the north is a bathroom behind te wall- entrance is othwr side-), on the South are Windows and in the middle a door to balcony and Eastwall is in front of the entrance.
West position is adviced to be avoided... What is best to do, how can i put my bed best and how can i solve contradicting situations?
Thanks! A.
my kua number is 7 and saying my best direction is west and than i found here about the sleeping direction described like this :

1> According to Feng Shui Masters, each lucky direction could bring you luck in a definite aspect. E.g. By sleeping with your head pointed to your lucky health direction, you will be blessed with a good physical condition.

2>Your sleep by facing or the front door faces the following unlucky directions, you may suffer illness, death, robbery, loss of money or reputation and many unexpected problems. So, if you find your life is not smooth at all, check if you have slept in the wrong direction for a long time or work by facing a bad direction.

Now I am confused if i pointed my head towards west than obviously it will be east facing while sleeping.I found it very confusing about my sleeping position from my kua number. could someone pls tell me as a kua number 7 when i'll sleep where my bed cupboard will be placed and while sitting where my chair will be placed and from those position what i am facing exactly for best result. Thanks

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