Bat flied into my bed room


Hi Dear may u help me ,
on 16 feb 2015 after my wife came back from hospital after give birth with my dauther ,those nigth have one bat flied into my bed room mabey 15 mimute ,after it flied go out side ,what it mean?

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please reply me ,thank
Bat is the symbol of disaster.

It's an animal that make people scared. Dream with bat indicates you usually feel scared.

Also, it hints you that you may fall prey to other people's machinations.
lastnight i dream.i and my wife saw many small sparrows in my mosquito net and we cautch them after we allowed them to fly .what does it mean?
The dream is neither good nor bad. You can get help from someone but you could don't get success at last. Your health condition will be good although there are small illness, you could recover soon after taking the pills.

According to Chinese five element theory, your position that is positive to your wealth is northwest and positive position to love is southwest. Lucky number is 0 and lucky color is purple. You should eat pear to enhance your fortune.

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