Auspicious days for registering a car in November 2019


May I know when are the auspicious days in November 2019 to register a car?
Also, what are the auspicious days in December 2019 to collect the car?
Many thanks.

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Hi Vivian,

Following are auspicious dates to register a car in November 2019:
Nov.13 Wednesday Clash Monkey
Nov.18 Monday Clash Ox
Nov.25 Monday Clash Monkey
Nov.30 Saturday Clash Ox

Following are auspicious dates to collect the car in December 2019:
Dec.03 Tuesday Clash Dragon
Dec.04 Wednesday Clash Snake
Dec.09 Monday Clash Dog
Dec.13 Friday Clash Tiger
Dec.18 Wednesday Clash Sheep
Dec.24 Tuesday Clash Ox
Dec.25 Wednesday Clash Tiger
Dec.28 Saturday Clash Snake
Dec.30 Monday Clash Sheep

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