Are We made for each other


I am madly in love with him his date of birth is 1991 -01 -08 and mine is 1987 -6 -28. Please suggest me what i can do so that he will marry me only.
Its been 6 yes we know each other and he still says he dont want to marry .
Please help

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Hi Sajda Sapkota,

In terms of your zodiac signs, you are not made for each other. You are with distinctive personalities and different attitude towards life. He under the horse sign has strong curiosity and likes to behave in his own way and to pursue his favorite objectives at his ease. He pays little attention to caring about you under the rabbit sign and often gets angry without any reason or cause. You are tender, fragile, cautious and dependent. You hope that he could devote more energy to the family, and can't stand his unstability for long.

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