Are we able to have a good future together


My partner is a Virgo ox I'm a Leo pig. What are chances of a happy future and fotune together as a married couple

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Yes, you could enjoy a good future together as a married couple no matter from the match in terms of your Chinese zodiac signs or western signs.

You make a very suitable match based on your good personalities. Your partner who is under the Ox sign is dependable and full of enthusiasm about his work, with specific goals and diligent attitude. You usually are gentle, enthusiastic, easy-going and rich in self-sacrifice willingness. You can always give him full support and encouragement, and cooperate with him perfectly. With the you beside, your partner's reticence and obstinacy can be swept away.
Thank you that just re enforces what i felt i new will we be successful in life together is my ox virgo man able to cope with my female Leo pig

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