An Chuang ( Matrimony Bridal bed setting)

Asked by E*** | 9/10/2018 3:42:30 AM


I was born on 23/03/1981 ( Rooster) and my future husband was on 16/01/1979 ( Horse ), We will be getting married on Saturday, ( 2nd Feb 2019). We need to set up bed setting/matrimony bridal bed between 3 days - 7 days before the wedding date.

Should we be looking at bed installation/ wedding/ marriage engagement date? If we are looking at auspicious dated for bed installation on 27th Jan 2019 or 30th Jan 2019, both dated clash with either of our zodiac.

Please advise the best date for the matrimony bridal set up ( up to 1 week before 2nd Feb 2019).



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M***y 9/10/2018 10:37:41 PM

Hi Evie,

You can only set up bed on 1st Feb 2019 or 14th Jan 2019 if you want it on auspicious day.

E*** 10/3/2018 7:41:13 PM

HI Mary,

But the bride and groom are not supposed to meet/see each other the day before the wedding if we will choose 1st Feb 2019.

For 14th January 2019, it will be like 3 weeks before the wedding.

Any other date which is not supposed for bed installation but it is a good day for general. I was thinking 29th January 2019.



M***y 10/3/2018 8:38:56 PM

29th January 2019 is okay for bed installation.

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