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Asked by P***i | 1/15/2018 3:08:09 AM

I am marrying next month and my fiancee's(future wife)date of birth is 12 august 1988.what age should i consider of my wife, 29 years or 30 years because she is inbetween 29 and 30 for conceiving a baby boy.

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R***e 1/15/2018 7:32:26 PM

Hi Pawan kumar saini,

Before Feb 15, 2018 she is 30 years old and after Feb 15, 2018, she will be 31 years old if you use Chinese Gender Chart. The Chinese gender chart uses mother's Chinese lunar age which is one or two years older than her actual age.

P***i 1/15/2018 9:56:08 PM

Thank you Rose for answering my question. You said my future wife would be 31 years after 15 feb,2018.her date of birth is august 12, which month would be most appropriate for her for conceiving a baby boy ??

R***e 1/15/2018 9:58:06 PM

Hi Pawan kumar saini,

Based on the Chinese Gender Chart, in 2018, she will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods:
Jan 1 - Jan 16 (30 lunar years old, 11th lunar month)
Jan 17 - Feb 15 (30 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)
Feb 16 - Mar 16 (31 lunar years old, 1st lunar month)
Apr 16 - May 14 (31 lunar years old, 3rd lunar month)

P***i 1/16/2018 8:21:21 AM

Is chinese calendar for prediction of baby's gender 100 percent accurate ??

R***e 1/16/2018 7:54:10 PM

Hi Pawan kumar saini,

The Chinese gender chart is based on factors including the Chinese lunar calendar, five elements, yin and yang, the eight diagrams, etc. Its accuracy is much higher than other free gender prediction tools online but it couldn’t be higher than that of the ultrasound scanning. It's proved that the accuracy for the chart is about 70%. However, there is no scientific basis to the Chinese birth chart. So, you'd better use it carefully and better take the prediction result with a grain of salt.

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