2/19/1965 male snake


Please tell me if this snake is interested or not! He comes and goes but claims no other that he just likes to be alone but likes and appreciates me. He seems charming, loving, fun but then very selfish. I started to very but like him and see future but then he gets me Confused and seems selfhish. I am 11/4/1961 metal ox born snake hour. Thank you.

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Generaly, Ox and Snake are a very compatbile match. You are a good match that can stick to each other through all life's ups and downs. Both of you are cautious, pragmatic and diligent, and have common belief, prime mover and excellent judgement. Your combination will create a happy marriage full of tenderness and sweetness. He is calm, persevering and wily, capable of dealing with all the emergencies and hardships. You are loyal, strong-minded and trustworthy, and can put all the household chores in order methodically.

I guess he just wants his own space and time. You may try to communicate about it and talk openly to figure out the reason.

Good luck

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