2 weird pregnancy/bleeding dreams


Ive had 2 rather weird dreams in the last maybe 3 weeks.


I was pregnant and went into labor premature at home and rushed to ER only to be sent to other hospital and had the baby, a girl, small but healthy for size, pretty fast after got there. It was after baby was checked out and was deemed ok that i suddenly had rush of blood and was rushed into surgery to keep from bleeding out and almost died.

Second (from 3/30/17):

I had just had a baby, small girl, and Hubby and I decided to go out to eat and it was a new place that was rather cramped. After waiting, finally get booth and Im more focused on baby and not so much the food, but service was bad and i made comment about how waitress shouldnt have much a tip if any since it had been so bad. Lady at other table heard (and was drunk) and started yelling at me for that, i ignored her and when I went to stand up, cause tables so close, she shoved me into edge of table and busted up csection incision and I started bleeding everywhere and police came and arrested the woman and by time EMT got there, I was in puddle of blood and starting to pass out.

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Do you have a child in reality? Are you married or not?

If you are a girl dreaming about pregnancy and the dream makes you unhappy, it means that you may get into troubles. If you are a woman at gestational age, it may indicate your desire of getting pregnant in reality. If you have a child, it may indicate you have a happy family or you are gradually alienated with your husband because of his indifference and you recall the sweetness of your newly-married period in your dream.

Dreaming about you bleeding implies that you are overtired and in mental stress recently; it suggests that you should rest and adjust.
married, suffering with infertility, had 1 girl (preemie) that passed after birth adn then 5 miscarraiges

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