1997 virgo ox in 2016


im a virgo ox ( 1997) hows 2016 for me?

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Hi Aangel,
Your Chinese sign is Ox. The main fortune will be good for you in 2016 year of the Monkey. You are expected to make a great progress in both career and study. But you should be modest, prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness this year. Your wealth fortune will be general. What you should avoid is spending extravagantly. Health will be ok but you still should watch out your health condition and don’t engage in those dangers activities. For relationship with your family members, you will feel you become estranged from each other. So, often communicate with them and don’t forget their love to you.
Im a libra ox 1997

How 2016 for me?
Hi Ishtiina,

You can take what Daniel has offered as reference. For the Ox born in the same year, the prediction is the same.

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