Will my dream ever come true?


Hi Master,
my name's "Talib Hussain" DOB 30 January 1974, time 10:00 AM, from Pakistan.
I have a dream to move to Canada or USA for over two decades, i tried everything but still no luck. once rejected for Canada visa and twice USA visa. had a chance to move to UK few years ago on student visa but got some financial issues. once move to Dubai but came back in a week due to family matters. my siblings never supported me in life, they're all married and well set, I'm not married yet. I'd like to know will i ever move abroad or not?
second, as i said I'm not married and i don't know why, i do not want to get married, my mother showed me several women but i don't catch my interest.
i have small and straight marriage line. I have NO money line and NO health line. my fate line stopped by Head Line and another line (like fate line) starts nearly from Head Line and touches Heart Line (i don't know if it's fate line or what).
will you please read my palm if i take a photo and send you via email?
thanks and apologize for that long query.

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Hi Talib Hussain,

From your Bazi, you couldn't get help or support from your siblings. You are kind and of great skill. The life for you after 42 will turn to be better.

The small marriage line just indicates passionless to the opposite sex.

In Chinese palmistry, the line of health is also called the unhealthy line. It usually appears in the hands of the person who is not healthy enough. If you find your health line missing in your hand, that’s a good sign. It means you are healthy and don’t have any health problem.

NO money line indicates you couldn't be too rich in the whole life.

Fate line stopped by Head Line means before 35, you have many obstructions in your work or business. By using your wisdom and rich experience, you could get an achievement after 35.
thank you Master for your reply.
I'm gonna be 43 in January hope my life will be better from next year and my dream of moving abroad will come true.
Yeah I'm not interested to get married and I am happy on my own and I don't like children as well.
thanks again Master

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