when will I get married


my name is Talib Hussain DOB 30 January 1974 time 10.00 AM
I'd like to know when will i get married or never, I'm 44 years old.

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Hi Talib Hussain,

Please let me know your place of birth as well.

Could you also describe your marriage line on the right palm?
thank you for your reply.

place of birth, Karachi, Pakistan

my marriage line is NOT long NOT short, just over 1 cm, it's little bit thin and gets thinner to left end and left end goes backward a little, it's NOT in the middle between pinky and heart line, it's just above the middle of pinky and heart line (little close to pinky). it's also little bit light.
I could send you images of my palm but it's not allowed here.

thank you

Both of your birth information and marriage line show you have a very late marriage in life. It doesn't mean you will never have marriage. It just occurs late. You may get married in 2019, 2021 or 2027.

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