When will I get married


I would like to know when will I get married. Also if it's arranged or love.
Dob: 14 Jan 1986
Time: 17:30

Thank you

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Hi Saurabh Arora,

You may have someone your love before marriage. But you will not get married because there will be the third party who will make you separate. Finally, you will have an arranged marriage by your family. Luckily, your marriage life will be good in the future.
Thank you. I am already in love with a girl. details are:
DoB - 2 Jan 1990
Time - 13.30
Place of birth - Khurja, Uttar Pradesh

Will our marriage not work?
Hi Saurabh Arora,

You are very good match in Chinese astrology. The marriage works for you. You could have a blissful marriage, and your love will last forever. Your hearts are closely linked and beat in harmony. You both strive for a high-quality life. You are the source of her courage and fortune. She is a well-bred lady who is good at managing money matters and can bring you happiness and pride.
Thank you Sir! But what about our family and kids?

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