When will i get a job ? Dob 18/8/1974 Time 7.52 am India time


I m Sachin Dhareshwar born on 18/8/74 at 7.52 am India time. Last 3 to 4 hv been very bad for me. Got divorced, underwent heart operation last year. Hv been unemployed since last 15 months. Need to take care of daughter n old parents. When wil i get a job ? How is my Career life ahead.

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2016 is not a good year for the Tigers born in 1974 in career. This is because your zodiac clashes with the present year's zodiac sign which is Monkey. You'd better not expect too much for your career in this year. You are suggested to make a good personal relationship in this year which will be helpful for your career in the next year. Also, you should lower your requirement for your job. As long as you could make some money from it, you could do it temporarily.

Your luck in career in 2017 is very good. You have more chances of getting a good job next year.
Thanks so much Michele for your feedback. Is there any solution for me to make 2016 better in terms of employment and reduce/minimize the bad effects. Awaiting feedback. Regards.

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