When I ll be able to conceive for baby boy in 2017


DOB 7th oct 1991

Is Chinese calendar for baby gender prediction is 100% true?

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In 2017, your are 27 years old in Chinese lunar calendar. You will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods based on the Chinese baby gender calendar:
Apr 26 - May 25 (4th lunar month)
Aug 22 - Sep 19 (7th lunar month)
Sep 20 - Oct 19 (8th lunar month)
Oct 20 - Nov 17 (9th lunar month)
Nov 18 - Dec 17 (10th lunar month)

That means your menstrual period first date should occur during one of the above time ranges. Then, try on your ovulation date after it. It's not 100% true to everyone. Just could increase the chance. About 70% of the people who used it found it works for them.

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