what will have my Child ? Should i know?


my date of birth is 2nd March 1984
my monthly period as a 28 day cycle August 2nd 2016
i have plane to conceive 13th August 2016
i wanna know what will have to me ( boy or Girl) and what is my
lunar age?
and when is the best time for conceive baby boy?

i hope for honest answer from you.

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If you are conceived on 13th August 2016, your Chinese lunar age is 33. Lunar conception month is June. Checking by using the Chinese baby gender chart, you would get a baby girl.

The best time for you to conceive a baby boy is from 1st September - 30th September, 2016
29th December, 2016 - 25th February, 2017.
Okay,,thanks for replying. So one month advance back..my guess I should to conceive coming September 1st to 30th..2016 for the baby boy, am I right.? According to Chinese calendar.
Yes, you are right.
Thank you..

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