What is my dream trying to say??


I dreamt that I was heading to school by a car for some reason I saw my high school friend for a very long time She and I was going somewhere I can't member but we Where somewhere in the woods and came out to a lake with lot of shade and somewhat my cousin wss sitting there Talking To priest. they were doing some cleaning ritual And after that ritual she dive into the water and she told me i should do it and I did the ritual and dived in after I came back from the water we were all dried up we saw one of my friend saw a pack of wolves wandering around Add we were so scared but for some reason they were friendy. we went to my cousin car and went home which was near to my school and I remember I had a car. I left that car and I saw a bus stop but she said there's no bus that will show up in this bus station and then she told me to take the car ride with her and I left my car and I remember I was Told myself I'll come back and bring my car I left behind and i took a car ride wi0th her and woke up that's it

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Hi Sum,

In your dream, there are many things appear.

Dream about your high school friend reflects you miss your good time in school. Your personal relationship will be good recently. If you have difficulties, you can seek help from others especially from the elders.

The wood indicates you may lost or give up something in life that is very important to you.

Dive into the water shows in waking life you are trying great effort to finish your goal.

A pack of wolves usually indicates the threatening from others of things may not go smoothly. Luckily, the wolves are friendly. So, you will not be affected.

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