Urgent help for baby delivery date and time


Hi good day sir

My Wife is delivering soon and we
Are following your date to induce the baby
According to your date Georgian date of
21st April is a good day
And the timing from
5am to 9am is good
And 3-5pm
And 7pm to 9pm

Is my interpretation correct pls

Can u pls help

Thank u so much

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1 Answer(s)

Hi William,

19:00-20:59 and 21:00-22:59 are auspicious time for your wife to deliver on April 21.

If You Choose 19:00-20:59, make sure your wife is not born in 1976 Under The Dragon Sign.
If You Choose 21:00-22:59, make sure your wife is not born in 1977 Under The Snake Sign.

Wish everything goes smoothly to you.

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