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I have 4 travel lines on my "Moon Mount" in stairs shape.
My fate line joins with two travel lines and makes a fish sign and One fork from life life come touch the upper travel line.
what does both mean?

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Hi Haider Kazmi,

Your travel lines shows you love to travel everywhere, tend to be far away from home or have no definite residence and often move.

The fish sign indicates you may have the good luck which can change your life during the journey. For example, you may meet those who can help your career or the right one for getting married in travel.

One fork from life life come touch the upper travel line shows you may have health problems during the travel.
I want to ask if your two hand is different what's was that mean ?? And other question if I will send my hand than u can tell me about my money line plz
Hi Shan nasim,

No one have two hands with the same hand lines. It's common for people have two different hands. The left hand represents what you were born with physically and materially and the right hand represents what you become after grown up.

About money line, read this please:

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