Travel/ change line?



My two palms present very differently (ie. : on one hand my head line is straight and ends with a fork and on the other hand - that I wrote with - it is straight but ends with a gentle curve without fork).

But one common feature is the travel/changes (?) Lines. They are more or less horizontal but are not perfectly straight lines.
They start from Moon mount and one of those lines touches the head line on each hand.
What does it mean?

Also 2 other travel/changes (?) Lines form a kind of huge "horizontal" eye shape without the pupil. The shape is near the bracelet (versus Mercury mount). The size extends from moon mount and half of sun mount from left end to right end.
Those two lines that make the "eye shape" touch the fate line at its start.
What does it mean ?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Gin Ny,

Head line ending with a fork indicates you have a strong adaptability, good social ability, and outstanding business gift. In business field, you could make a great success.

Travel lines touches the head line head line and spot, island, or cross is there means head injuries when traveling.

Eye shape one means loss from travel or unsuccessful travel.
Thank you very much !

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