to know baby gender


my last period was April 14 i was started intercourse on may 3 to until 20 may every day ,may i know my baby gender and my date of birth 21-08-1983.

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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Hi jesikam,

Your lunar conception month: March
Lunar age at the time of conception: 35
Prediction of Baby Gender by Checking the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart: Girl
My wife Dob is 2 September 1985 last period is February 25 may I know the in baby boy
Mother DOB 8SEP'1992
LAST DATE OF MENS. 3rd February'2017
Hi Manik,

You are carrying a girl according to the ancient Chinese Gender Chart.
Hi Amziali,

You are carrying a boy according to the ancient Chinese Gender Chart.

My last period is feb 28 2017..and I had an intercourse by March 16 2017. Can you please help me to know what is the gender of my baby and when I will give birth?
Hi Lermz,

When was your last period first date? I need to know the date to predict your unborn baby's gender and expected date of delivery.
My sister dob is mar 3 1988
May 1 is her last periods date
I want to know the gender of baby
hai ,I'm Ramesh I want boy baby ,in which time&month is suitable for intercourse an boy baby,my wife had last period is june4,her DOB is jan15,1992
Hi Natasha,

Your are carrying a baby girl according to the prediction:

Your lunar conception month: April
Lunar age at the time of conception: 30
Prediction of Baby Gender: Girl
Hi Ramesh,

June 4 as her last period time is not the right time for her to conceive baby boy. Wait her period after August 7 and then try on her ovulation date. Her period before August 31, 2017 are all favorable.
Hi my dob is 19 dec1984 and my last lmp is Feb 24 please let me know gender
Hi Gopika,

According to Chinese gender chart, you are carrying a baby boy now. The prediction result is just for your reference.

Here are more easy ways to help you predict your unborn baby's gender:

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