The fortune of the Ox in 2015


Hello I'm a male born in 25 February 1973 in the year of the Ox.
I learn that Ox in this year 2015 is bad.

Is there anything or anyway to improve our fortune in the current year?

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Hi, the prediction is not fit every Ox people. Don't be too worried about this.

If you think there is problem, you can wear more things with your lucky colors. Or buy a charm to bring good luck for you in 2016.

The lucky colors for you are blue, red and purple. You can buy a Garnet, red agate or Amethyst bracelet or necklace with a silver pendent of Ox to bring good luck for you during the year.
I can say that I am an OX born 1985 and 2015 was really bad! hoping 2016 can bring better things and healing

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