Suitable dates for C-Sec in Mar 2017


Hi Masters, my doctor gave me a few dates (21,24, 28 and 31 Mar 17 only)the C-section for my baby girl in Mar 17. Both me and my husband are Monkeys, pls advice which date is best for the C-sec birth of our baby pls? Thanks.

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Hi scmummy,

Except 28 March which clashes the Monkey sign, other three days are all good for you to do C-section.

If you choose the 21st or the 24th day, she will be born in Chinese lunar February. If you choose 31 Mar, she will be born in Chinese lunar March. Both the two months are good for her.
February: Born in February, she will be blessed to enjoy a free and pleasant life. No matter in career or other aspects, she could achieve great success.
March: Roosters born in March are pretty clever and could adjust to the changing circumstances. Her life would be glorious that bring prestige and honor to your families.

In terms of the date, the Roosters born in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd or the 26th day in Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.

21 Mar (Chinese lunar February 24), 24 Mar (Chinese lunar February 27), 31 March (Chinese lunar March 4), So I think 31 March is the best choice for you.

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