Our Finacial status and married life and my 3 daughter this year 2017


Im what to ask our financial status,married life and also my the future of our 3 daughters this year 2017

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Please provide your DOB. Or it's hard to check your fortune in 2017.
April 27.1978
The married life of you Horses born in 1978 will be full of changes in 2017. You will have many conflicts in life, most of which are caused by the trivial matters. In addition, the children and parents' issues will bother you a lot. In particular, you will be more likely to have accidents and troubles due to the inter-restriction between Horse and Rooster (2017 is year of the rooster), which will deepen the conflicts between you and your lover. However, it doesn't mean there is no solution; actually, the solution will be learning to tolerate and understand each other and taking a step backward. As long as you are intended to solve the problems, you can always find a way.

In finance, it's a good year for you. You are expected to get good income from work and you may get a windfall. compared with the first half of 2017, the second half of the year will be more favorable to you in wealth.
Married life I'm 1967 sheep and my husband 1960 rat ,2 children's daughter 1993 son 2001 and
Your bedroom is NW and W children's bedrooms S , health and love information about my future, and family
I'm very scared of 2017 ??? Thank you
Respectfully your

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