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Hi. Would like to inquire what is the best date this Sept 2016 for opening a food business? Planning to open on 20th Sept but it says that it clash to Pig sign.. what does it mean? Or do I have to look for a full moon date? they said it's a good time to open if it is full moon. I was born on 17th Feb 1983 and my husband is 4th Nov 1980 (monkey). Your help and advise is appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi Princess,

20th Sept is an auspicious date for opening business but it clashes your zodiac sign. Clash Pig means the day doesn't fit you to do anything including opening the food business.

You'd better choose another auspicious grand opening date to do that such as 26th Sept (Clash Snake) or 28th Sept (Clash Sheep).

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