My Fate line seems to "meld" with my Life line for a bit


My Fate line starts in the middle of my lower palm just above the highest ("health") line on my wrist. My Life line wraps down around the base of the mount of Venus at its end, but for a ways in the middle, the two lines become one, before my Fate line continues up towards my middle finger, and my Life line curves away towards the space between my thumb and index finger.

What does it mean when your Fate and Life lines start out separately at the base of the hand, and are one in the same for about 3/4 of an inch, then separate again?

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Hi Ann,

This shows you have a strong vitality and are full of energy. If you could work hard, your social status could be upgraded quickly. If you couldn't get great achievement during your life, you still feel satisfied and could enjoy a happy life.

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