my boyfriend and I


I'm a Fire Rooster. Don't know what my boyfriend is. He's born 11/25/55 at 8pm.

We have an incredible relationship. Curious how a Fire Rooster is with whatever he is?


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Hi Tara,

He is Wood Sheep (or Goat). Wood makes Fire burn, he will be a good partner for you in relationship.

In terms of your signs, you always hold different standpoints on problems. Luckily you are willing to finding common ground while reserving differences. Both of you could try your best to build up a steady family. However, he doesn't like your adventurousness, and you may feel him too cautious.
Thanks for your time. He has a family from his past. We're living the back half of our lives now. 60 and 61. We'll build our own little family together now.
We knew each other in high school. Reconnected a year ago after 44 years and been together ever since.

thanks and Happy New Year!

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