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I have deteck a straight line below my ring finger..this line is contains a more line... The plus (+) sign will made with that lines...this line ends with my heart line..what its mean..

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Hi gagan jaidka,

The line you mentioned is called the Sun Line or Apollo Line. The sun line mainly shows the capability, talent and popularity which may lead to success.

Your sun line belongs to the situation of starting from heart line and ends below the ring finger. It indicates you have a strong interest in art. Also, it shows that you could enjoy a good luck, and gain both fame and wealth from your 40s.

But the plus sign which is called cross in palmistry is not a good sign. It indicates losses of the fame, position or wealth.

Crosses on the sun line indicate losses of the fame, position and wealth.
What is 40s.....and the line that make plus sign is not strong.....plzz answer this as far as possible..
40s means the age between 40 and 19. If the plus sign is not strong, that's not a big problem I think.

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