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I'm 39 and not married yet.
I have one line that split in a fork and then the fork becomes united again in one line continuing until the solar line. The line before the split is very visible, the 2 opposites forks and the line continuing until the solar line are very weak and more visible in left hand then the right one. What does it mean?Thank you in advance for your answer, I hope I have clearly explained my marriage line.

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I'm not sure how many marriage lines do you have.

The one that split in a fork usually indicates the seperation with your partner. As it becones united agian in one line, it means the seperation is not the end result, you will be together again with your both effort.
I have two lines on left hand and one marriage line on right hand what it does mean
i have two marriage lines on right hand and one line on one on left side
Hi Hardeep,

The right hand is the dominate hand. What does the two lines like? Are they straight, parallel and with the same length.

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