Marriage Engagement - Feb-April 2020


What are the best days for engagement Feb - Apr 2020.
Bride: Dragon
Groom: Ox

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Hi Morgan FC,

Following are auspicious marriage engagement dates for you from February to April:

Feb.02 Sunday
Feb.05 Wednesday
Feb.09 Sunday
Feb.14 Friday
Feb.15 Saturday
Feb.18 Tuesday
Feb.19 Wednesday
Feb.21 Friday
Feb.24 Monday
Feb.26 Wednesday
Feb.27 Thursday
Mar.09 Monday
Mar.15 Sunday
Mar.21 Saturday
Mar.23 Monday
Mar.24 Tuesday
Mar.25 Wednesday
Mar.30 Monday
Apr.02 Thursday
Apr.05 Sunday
Apr.09 Thursday
Apr.12 Sunday
Apr.15 Wednesday
Apr.17 Friday
Apr.20 Monday
Apr.24 Friday

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