Lucky day on july 2016 for business opening


I have a new business and plan to open this july 2016 and i want to know the lucky day aside
From july 17?

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Auspicious dates for you to open you new business in July include:
July 1st (Clash Tiger), 7th (Clash Monkey), 8th (Clash Rooster), 14th (Clash Rabbit), 16th (Clash Snake), 19th (Clash Monkey), 26th (Clash Rabbit), 31st (Clash Monkey)

I'm not sure what your zodiac sign is. You should avoid the date that clashes with your sign.
My zodiac sign is cancer under the year of the rooster. I was not able to stat my business opening this july 17, 2016. What is the other lucky date for the business opening this july and i have plan to start my other branch on august 1, 2016. Is it lucky for my business grand opening day?

You should avoid August 1. The day is not only an inauspicious date for business grand opening but also clashes with your zodiac sign Rooster.

You'd better choose one of the following dates in July.
July 16th (Clash Snake), 19th (Clash Monkey), 26th (Clash Rabbit), 31st (Clash Monkey)

For more dates in other months, please visit:
Thank you for your great response. I was inspired. Is there any food for good luck that i can prepare for the good wealth and success of my business. I hope that you can advise me too. Thank you

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