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Hi, i'm born on the 28 july 1972, betweem 5am to 7am.
can you tell me about my career progression or changes? and money luck?

thank you.

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HI bojango,

Your Chinese zodiac sign is Rat. For people Rat people born in 1972, the career fortune will be nice in 2016, year of the Monkey. The most smooth months for you will be January, May,August and November. There will be no big changes for your career.

In wealth, it will not so stable. You should keep alert when outing as you have chances to be stolen and suffer money losses. Also, you may have a spot of bother with the law related to money. So, be careful in money affairs or to be cheated by others.

In addition, the most important thing you should remember in the year is to learn to be tolerant in everything.

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