life line does not connect with head line.


Life line and head line do not connect at palm. In fact they are seperated 1/4 inch. I can't find one word about this anywhere. In fact a palm reader once told me she could not read my palm because of this. Is it common and if not what does it infer.

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Hi Toshibe,

Is your life line and head line do not connect, it shows that you have a bold and extrovert character. In personality, you are highly independent. No matter how difficult the situation is, you can solve the problem by yourself. Also, you have tons of self-respect, at the same time a strong sense of inferiority. However, you are not sympathetic, like to control your love, and don’t accept other’s mistake. So, your love life is usually not smooth.

The men with such lines are easy to be successful in career and women are easy to become a dragon lady.
Hello Master \ : Yhank you. You are on the money with your explanation. As you describe it, that is me. What an ego trip. By the way, I am a dragon and did not realize at the time that I should put that symbol up. I was looking for an Aries ram.

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