Endless arms


I had a dream last night that I caught a lady hurting another lady. I don't know or recognize either ladies, but one lady had the other by the arm and neck and was going to pull her arm apart, so I ask the upset lady whatever the other lady did to make her so upset it's not worth pulling her arm apart and that things can be easy solve without violence. The upset lady said "No, and the only way for this to be solve was to pull her arm apart. So I ask the hurt lady why was the lady so upset? The hurt lady said "I don't know, I'm lost and I came across this house and this lady just grab my arm and won't let go." I then ask the upset lady to let go of the hurt lady arm, but she won't so I took out a sword and cut both of the upset lady arm, but every time I cut her arm from the armpit another arm grow, then I would cut it again, then another one will grow back. I told the upset lady that I can keep cutting she let go of the other lady. I notice too that every time I cut the her arms they will grow back slower then before, finally the upset lady let go of the hurt lady arm then I woke up from the dream. I'm not a person who likes to watch bloody movies, but this dream bother me so much that I have to look into it. Please help me interpret my dream. Thanks.

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Hi sunshine,

It indicates you will suffer a small money loss in waking life. And this is not a bad thing, it will make your future work or life be more smooth because it's thought 'Money is lost, luck is got.'

Also, it indicates your stomach may have some problem recently. If you are female, you are easy to feel low.

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