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Hi, I m born on 6 June 1980, female. I have got a job offer. I already tendered my resignation. My last day of service in current company is 23 Aug 2020.
I m supposed to start work on 24 Aug 2020. When I signed the offer letter, I forget that ghost month coming.
May I know can I change job during ghost month?
Are my last day of service with current company and first day with new company auspicious? Thank you in advance.

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23 Aug and 24 Aug, 2020 are not the most auspious dates for you but they are okay for you to stop the present job and start the new job. The dates will not have bad effect to your work.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I signed the offer letter with new company on 23 July 2020. May I know:

1) the fengshui or auspicious dates are depend on contract signing or starting date?

2) any auspicious dates to start new job from 24 Aug till early Sep? Maybe I can try asking them to let me start later..

3) if they want me to start 24 Aug (as they have been asking me to start early Aug), is there anything I can do to improve luck? I would go pray in temple. Or anything I can wear to improve luck?
The fengshui or auspicious dates are depend on starting date.

The 25th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st day of August, the 1st, 2nd, and 7th day of September are auspicious dates for you to start job.

You can go to the temple to pray or wear a yellow citrine bracelet or place yellow citrine ball on your desk to improve luck in career.

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