I'm mark, March 29,1986. I want to know my luck


Hi I'm mark, my birthday is March 29, 1986. I want to know my luck will be this year 2018. I want to know if I have a good fortune and how to reverse those bad lucks, thank you for answering my question,, thank you

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Hi Mark,

In 2018, year of the Dog, you born in 1986 under the Tiger sign will be blessed by several auspicious stars, have significantly improved luck and quite good interpersonal relationship, and develop your career quickly. At the same time, you will be affected by the inauspicious stars and should keep low-profile at work to avoid giving causes to others or inviting villains. In terms of luck for wealth, someone may borrow money from you and the opportunistic risky ventures will be unsuitable for you due to the influence of inauspicious stars.

Your luck for wealth will be better than that of last year and you need to work hard and be down-to-earth to keep improving your value and win the opportunity for promotion and salary increase. With no luck for windfalls, you should avoid making investments but reserve funds. Also, keep an eye on the safety of your property and do not go out with lots of cash or valuables.
Thank you for answering my question, i want to invest in forex, do i have a luck to join in this investment or should i put my money in business opportunities? thank you and god bless
Hi mark Jelius caspe,

It's good for you to inves in forex. Forex belongs to metal element. 2018 is year of earth Dog. Earth generates Metal in five elements, so it will be good.

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