i want to know about my future


My name PILLA POORNA Chandra sekhar 31.07.1987 Virgo, I want to know about my future, career,marriage and children...
My fate line ends with touching heart line

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Hi Chandra sekhar,

Your Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit and element Fire. You were born in the Ding Mao Year.
In your Bazi, you lack the water element. So, you are easy to feel tried. In character, the people who lack water element are mostly timid and like to change mind. At the same time, you are rich in fire. So, you are easy to be nervous.

In general, you are hard in young and middle ages but will enjoy a comfortable life and as well as good reputation during the late time. In career, you have many chances during the life and could get help with others. However, you may lose some good chances as you usually couldn’t agree with your superior. In marriage, you could marry with the one who is rich in energy, active and work hard. You could have a harmonious life after marriage. The children you have will be with high ability.
Thanks for your quick reply
As per your rules I shouldn't ask more questions?
But I didn't get answer to my earlier question
If you Dont mind can you tell me at what age I will get married

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