I want to have baby girl in my first delivery.


I born on July 11, 1988(Dragon) and my husband's Sep 05,1982(Dog). could you please tell me what would be the best period to conceive and giving birth to a baby girl? My last menstrual period was on May 19. Please let me know if any more details needed.

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Hi Anshu,

Your have more chances to conceive baby girl in this year. Chinese Gender Chart shows if your menstrual period is before December 17, 2017 and your get pregnant, you could get baby girl. So, from June to November are all good time for you.

Better eat more fruits, vegetables and desserts. Also you should avoid eating too much alkaline food rather than taking in appropriate acidic food if you want baby girl.

You don't need to abstain from sex but keep the normal frequency (e.g. once every three days) and you'd better have intercourse two days before the ovulation.
please my date of birth is 28th August 1985.i want to give birth to a baby girl.
Hi akua akyaamaa Yamoah,

If your menstrual period is during May 26- September 19 or October 20- December 31, there is more possibility that you could conceive baby girl.
Hi iam pregnant 17weeks more i want to have baby girl date of birth may 4,1979.can u tell if its girl thank u
Hi Joan,

When was your last period first date?

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