I am giving birth this july 2018


Hello, i am about to give birth this july 2018.
However, i am an earth dragon, born in april 13, 1988.
My husband was born in September 11, 1991
My first child, son, was born april 21, 2012.
I know our upcoming baby wont be compatible to us. What can we do as parents to still have a harmonious life with our baby?

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Hi April Rose Corpuz,

The baby born in the Dog year will not copatible with you and your first child who are both under the Dragon sign.

You'd better put a monkey sign mascot at your home to keep your relationship more harmoniously.
Thank you very much.
Any monkey sign will do? Like stuff toys or wall papers? Would it be better if me and my son purchase a monkey charm bracelets?
Hi April Rose Corpuz,

Yes, you can place monkey toys at home and at the same time wear monkey charm bracelets.

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